The truth about the pains of a self-taught developers to the unsuspecting Non-developers.

1. Inability to afford paid courses:

Fasasi Sherif
2 min readMay 22, 2022

A downside of using free courses is the fact that one may not take it seriously. In my case, after 3 years of using free courses to learn web development, I’m still trying to grasp JavaScript. Perhaps its high time I used courses. Allah knows best.

2. Being a student and a developer:

First schooling is very important. Coding alone is a huge task not to talk of combining it with school.

3. Not coding everyday:

As self-taught developers, we try to get our motivation to code. Sometimes we feel guilty for not doing due practice. But we must remember that everyone moves at a different pace.

4. Not having necessary tools:

A little backstory: I started and managed coding on my andriod phone in late 2019. My laptop was not in a good condition so I used TrebEdit app. Anyway my laptop is now in good condition and I hope to multiply the frequency that I code.

5. Comparing oneself with others:

We should be grateful for where we are, how far we’ve come and be patient. We often forget that we were never in the same shoes with the people we are comparing ourselves to begin with, so how come we are comparing ourselves with them?

6. Not having a mentor:

This is actually the problem of many developers. Not having a mentor during one’s coding journey can result to various challenges. From not knowing the next steps to take, to not knowing what projects to take on, to not knowing how to earn money from coding etc. It is important that one perseveres, does researches and takes the problem to God.

7. Not making money or enough money from coding:

Money may not start coming in even after progress has been made. At this point, having a mentor would have solved he problem. But if you don’t have one, being patient and striving would solve it.

8. Inability to build something after learning to build it:

I’m in this problem myself. But again, persevering and trying again is the key here.

May Allah ease our affairs.



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